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Home Guide

General/Important Things:

Please make your best effort to put things back where you found them. This includes kitchen items, tv remotes, and furniture/decorations. This ensures a pleasant and relaxing experience for the next guest.


If it's over 90 degrees outside, please crack your windows in your car when you arrive. The surface temperature difference between the inside of an air-conditioned car and the outside can be extreme, and if the automotive glass has any imperfections in it, this heat difference can cause the glass (windshield or other) to crack and/or shatter. Rolling down your widow slightly allows for the temperature difference to be equalized between the surfaces of the glass and prevents this from happening. 



If you break or damage anything, please tell us! The item will be replaced at no cost to you or the homeowner. If you or another person damages something and doesn’t tell us, we won’t know to fix/replace it and the next guest will have a less enjoyable experience because of it. Please contact the concierge or property management company.


Please do not attempt to change pool settings on the pool remote. All you need to control the pool are the buttons on the front for the 1. filter/waterfall 2. the light, and 3. the heater if you paid for it. It's a complicated system, and attempting to change any settings usually goes very poorly for the guests that try to do it, and usually results in the pool system locking/not working at all. There will be additional charges for guests who attempt to change pool settings.


Please be respectful of the neighbors. This means not having excessive cars at the house, not parking in front of their houses (there’s plenty of parking on the street on the North and East side of the house) and respecting the quiet hours. Quiet hours are after 10PM, and the city takes this very seriously and will send the police to the house if you’re in violation of this.

Street sweeping is the 1st Tuesday of every month. We will do our best to send you a text or email to remind you to move your cars into the driveway, but ultimately it is up to you to remember this.


Our goal is to get a 5-star experience/review from you! If anything about the house or stay is unsatisfactory with you, please tell us before you leave a less than 5 star review so we can make it right! Also, any feedback about things to add or improvements to the home is greatly appreciated!


Network: The Oasis at Ocean Breeze

Password: easybreezy

Maintenance Crew Schedule

The pool guy (Cris) comes by in the mornings on Monday and Friday morning to check the chemical balance, clean/skim the pool, and ensure the equipment is working properly. Don’t be alarmed if you’re here! He’s very nice.

The landscaping guys come every Thursday or Friday to mow the front lawn, and blow out the back/front yard.


The schedule for the AC is:

  • Morning/Afternoon: Between 68-78 degrees
  • Night/Early morning: Between 65-74 degrees

If you’d like to change this, the smart thermostat is located at the end of the hallway leading to the bedrooms to the right. Just slide the max and min temperature to where you want it. In the summer months, the A/C can only be set to a minimum of 74 degrees. This is due to the power company to avoid blackouts.


The master bedroom has a king bed, and the two bedrooms at the end of the hallway have queen beds. In the living room, there’s a sleeper sofa, and an Aero Bed/bedding that’s in the storage compartment of the tan couch.

Each of the nightstands has a lamp, which has a universal retractable charging cable attached to it. These is provided to you as a convenience for charging your phones or other electronic devices. Please do not remove the cables from the lamps.

Living Room

The tan couch has a sleeper sofa if you pull out the sectional part. It also has an Aero Bed and bedding inside the storage compartment to the right (just lift up on the loop).

The dark blue couch is a dual power recliner. If you’d like to use it, please make sure the couch is pulled out a little bit from the wall so the back of the recliner can clear the wall and not damage it any further.

The TV is a smart TV, after you turn it on hit the “Home” button to access the apps.

Sound Bar: This turns on automatically with the TV, and the volume is controlled by the volume buttons on the TV remote


The kitchen is fully equipped with anything you need to make a great meal. There are spices in the cabinet to the right of the stove, plates to the left of the stove, and bowls in the cabinet below the microwave. Please do not use metal utensils on the non-stick pans, and please try to return things where you found them.


The BBQ is propane and has two tanks (only one is connected at a time). To turn the tanks on, open the silver door below the BBQ, check to see which tank the hose is connected to, and rotate the valve on top of the tank counter-clockwise. The BBQ has a self-igniting feature, so just turn the gas knob until the BBQ lights.

If a tank runs out, close the valve to the tank, switch the hose over to the other tank, and tell us that one of the tanks ran out so we can refill it.

When done using the BBQ, please turn off the gas by rotating the valve clockwise, scrape the grill, and make sure it’s as clean as you can get it.

TVs and Media

Each room is equipped with a Roku TV. If you’d like to sign into your own Netflix/Amazon/Prime/Disney accounts, please feel free to do so! The house has a Hulu account (Choose “Ocean Breeze” user), or you can sign in to your own.

Please keep the remotes in the same room that you found them. They may be the same remotes, but they’re programmed to a specific TV and it’s very easy to get them confused if they’re mixed up.


About Pool Heat

Pool temp tends to be an average of the low and high temp for that day, so if outdoor temp is between 80-50 degrees, pool temp will be around 65. Water temp feels different than air temp, and most people are comfortable in water that is between 85-90 degrees. The pool temp target heat is 88 degrees, but may be slightly lower due to weather. We are unable to heat the pool for only a portion of your stay, so it must be heated for the entirety of your stay. PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE POOL HEAT. The link to purchase pool heat is here.

Pool Operation

The pool can be controlled with the white remote controller in the kitchen counter by the sink.

There’s just a few buttons that you need to push to get the pool to do what you want:

  • Filter: This controls the filter for the pool, and the waterfall feature. This is scheduled to run daily, and turns on in the morning and shuts off in the afternoon automatically. If you’d like the waterfall on after it turns off, just hit this button to turn it on again.
  • Light: Turns on the underwater pool lights.
  • Heater 1: Turns on the heater for the pool.

Please note that the heater will only work when the “filter” is on. Also, this button is only enabled if you paid for the optional pool heat. If you didn’t pay for the pool heat and try to turn this on, the button will illuminate, but the heater will not be on.

The rest of the buttons are fun to push (they’re buttons, after all) but they don’t do anything. Please don’t try to change the settings in the menu, if you’d like something changed or have a question, please let the concierge or management company know.

Pool Heat

Please let us know at least 48 hours in advance before your arrival if you’d like the pool heated (yes, it really does take that long for the water to warm!) Heating all the water in the pool takes an enormous amount of energy, so it takes a while for the heater to warm it. Target temperature is 85 degrees. We are unable to heat the pool for only a portion of your stay.

Pool heat is $150/night. To pay for pool heat, please use one of these options:

Once the pool heat fee is paid, pool heat will be enabled and you can enjoy a toasty-warm pool!


Recycling and trash cans are in the kitchen, and the recycling and trash bins are outside to the right of the garage. Trash day is every Monday morning. If you are here on Sunday night or Monday morning, please move the trash bins to the street so the garbage truck can get to them. The Amazon Echo Show (Alexa) in the kitchen will audibly remind you to take the trash out on Sunday night.


There are 3 cameras on the property:

  • The Ring doorbell camera
  • A camera mounted above the west side of the garage facing the driveway/street.
  • A camera mounted above the entryway pointing towards the entrance.

There are no cameras inside the house, the pool area, or anywhere in the back yard.

Amazon Echos/Alexas

There are Amazon Echo Studios/Subwoofer sound system in the dining area/kitchen, and an Echo Dot in the living room. Please do not unpair the ones in the kitchen, they work as a stereo system and are challenging to get to pair right. Just say whatever you want to listen to. We think they’re very convenient, and typically we use the Echo system in the kitchen to play music, look up recipes for food or drinks, and to be reminded to take the trash out. 

Here are some useful commands:

  • “Alexa, play music“. You can specify, genre or artist as well.
  • “Alexa, how do I make a mojito?“
  • “Alexa, play wind noise“ (great for sleeping)
  • “Alexa, set alarm for 8am tomorrow morning“
  • “Alexa, play jeopardy“
  • “Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?“

They do not record you in any way, and only activate when you say the wake word “Alexa”. If you don’t like them, feel free to unplug them.


Flies like to escape the heat as much as you do, so they like to sneak into a nice air-conditioned house when the doors are left open. Please try to keep the doors closed to minimize the amount of flies that enter the house.


Decorations are fine, as long as you "leave no trace", ie throw them away in the trash, make sure no tape residue is anywhere, etc. We do not allow glitter or confetti decorations because they're very hard to clean up, and any glitter or confetti items found at the property after your stay will resort in an extra $200 cleaning fee.


This is a 100% animal-free home. It pertains to pets, service animals, and emotional support animals. If any pets or evidence of pets are observed or found on the property, you will be subject to a $400 fine. The owner of the house is extremely allergic to pets, and that includes hypoallergenic breeds.